About us

Welcome to Beauty Major Web store! Beauty Major Beauty Supply is web store that carries beauty products. The brick-and-mortar store of Beauty Major Beauty Supply is located at Houston Texas and the store's name is Solid Gold Beauty Supply, which was founded in 1977 at Houston.

Solid Gold Beauty Supply mainly carries the chemical-hair products, human hair and wigs, and synthetic hair and wigs. As Solid Gold Beauty Supply has provided various hair products including human and synthetic hair and wigs to our valued customers in the town where Solid Gold resides, we have gained our customers' favorites about what they'd like for their hair styling.

Based on our experience that has gained providing the various hair products to the customers for a long time, we know what our customers need and how we provide our customers' needs. We will not only keep providing high-quality hair products to our valued customers but will also keep doing our best to provide high-quality services to our valued customers.

We'd like to provide our high-quality hair products via the internet for our valued customers' convenience. So we have prepared on-line shopping on the web site and our customers can now shop the various hair products on our web site.

As part of the overall security issues, our web store uses advanced security systems and server. The transactions performed on our web store are very secure and fast!!